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The 4×4 awning is very popular as a quick and easy answer to shade or shelter whilst stopped for a quick break along a track, or watching the kids playing cricket in summer or football in winter. Supplied with all the brackets you need for easy fitting to your existing roof bar or rack, they are easy to install.

  • Waterproof, breathable rip stop material
  • 100% UV protection and mould resistant
  • Guy ropes and pegs included
  • Retractable, quick to erect system including strong self-standing extendable aluminium legs
  • Mounts directly to most roof bars and racks
  • Rugged 1000D waterproof PVC on car cover 

Evakool TMX Travelmate Fridge/Freezer

Available in 38L, 45L, 50L, 65L and 80L  
Evakool’s Travelmate fridge/freezers are perfect for all your camping and driving adventures. With an extensive range of options and user-friendly features, you’re sure to find one that suits your needs. Read more about their products here.

Evakool Glacier Metal Fridge/Freezer

Available in 45L, 55L, 65L, 75L (Single and dual-lid) and 85L (Single and dual-lid)
Evakool’s Glacier Fridge/Freezers offer digital controls, multiple compartments, dual lids and plenty of insulation. Wherever you go, these products will be reliable and sturdy. Find out more about the entire range here.

The full range of Evakool products are available at Redlands 4WD. Please contact us for other models.
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Looking for an affordable LED driving lights? Well the products offered by STEDI might spark your interest. They have a substantial amount of LED lights available, from mammoth light bars to round driving lights and plenty of reverse and camp light options too. All driving lights come with required looms, and the STEDI team pride themselves on offering premium quality lights without the prices.

STEDI has built a reputation for offering Premium LED Light Bars and 4x4 Driving Lights at accessible prices. Backed by an Australian 5 Year Warranty and product offering includes LED light bars and LED spot lights.
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The KT Solar Panels and Solar Panel Accessory range provide solar solutions for everyday people and everyday applications.
The comprehensive range has been designed specifically for electric vehicles, automotive, four wheel driving, marine, rural, camping, caravanning and more.
KT Solar has a range of innovative solar solutions to suit your needs, work or leisure.

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Aquacube Logic $449.00

Companion’s Aquacube Logic is the outdoor shower that includes a rechargeable battery, LCD display, built-in gas regulator and more. With plenty of safety and convenience features, this is a portable solution for showering in the outdoors. 
Aquacube Digital
Companion’s Aquacube Digital is the updated version of the Aquacube Logic. This is the best way to control and operate your outdoor shower, with a built-in BOM regulator, LCD display, auto ignition burner and more. Find out more about this product here.
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Do you want a tent that is easily folded and unfolded? Dobinsons have the answer! Their roof top tent makes sure you’re protected from the outside elements, while being comfortable and snug inside. Read more about their product here.

We have a large variety of tents and awnings, in all different sizes and for all different occasions. So no matter what you’re looking for, we’ve got it. Call us for more information about the different options we offer.
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Silky saws were created in the early 1990s in Japan. Since then, these products have been innovated further with laser-cut impulse hardened blades, alloy steel, rubber handles and unique packaging. Each Silky saw is made to last and includes hard chrome plating, four rows of teeth and incredible design. Find out more about the range of products and how they’re created by contacting us today. Or, visit Silky’s website to find out more about the history of the tool.

Silky POCKETBOY 130 (MED Teeth) $46.60 

Silky POCKETBOY 170 (MED Teeth) $49.10 

Silky POCKETBOY 130 (LG Teeth) $46.60 

Silky SUPER ACCEL 210 (LG Teeth) $58.30 

Silky ULTRA ACCEL Curved Blade, 240mm (LG teeth) $62.70 

Silky BIGBOY 2000, 360mm (XL Teeth) $90.00 

Silky KATANABOY, 500mm (XL Teeth) $258.00 

Silky ZUBAT 330 Hand Saw, (large teeth) $97.90 

Silky IBUKI 390 (XL teeth) $137.50 

Silky SUGOWAZA 420 (XL teeth) $144.00 

Silky NATANOKO/60 330 (LG teeth) $120.00 

Silky GENKI Temagari 500mm (XL Teeth) $258.00 

Silky SUGOI 360 Hand Saw (XL teeth) $132.00 

Silky SUGOI 420 (XL teeth) $140.00 

Silky’s ONO 120mm Chopper $144.00 
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