Do you have a new 4WD or are planning to purchase one? Well unfortunately when purchasing a new 4WD you will end up with a cost effective suspension (for the manufacturer) that will not be too harsh when you take it for a test run - with no weighty accessories like bullbar, winch, dual battery systems, drawer systems, long range fuel tank etc etc., and no load for an extended trip or holiday or tools and gear for work, and no caravan, boat, camper trailer or work trailer on the back. In reality the standard suspension is not going to suit most 4WD owners.

The same applies when purchasing a second hand 4x4. You may be lucky enough to find the exact vehicle that you are after from some-one who has set it up for the same purpose as what you will be using it for. If so then you have a winner, but if not then you will more that likely be looking for a suspension upgrade as well. Redlands 4WD is an independant business specialising in 4x4 accessories and suspenion. Since 1996, we have been customising 4x4 suspensions to suit individual Customers' needs. Whether it be a tourer, tow vehicle, work ute, week-end warrior, or hard core off-road, Redlands 4WD has the experience to set up your 4x4. As a distributor for EFS Suspension, Dobinsons, Rancho, Airbag Man, Superior Engineering, Tough Dog, Poly Air or Roadsafe - we can find the right combination for you.

We welcome and encourage you to contact us to discuss your suspension requirements.

Phone4WD suspension is made up of quite a number of components designed to insulate the vehicle cabin (and hence the occupants) from the harshness of the surface you are travelling on, whilst still providing feedback to the driver to enable the correct respones in braking, steering and handling.

The two main components of any suspension are the 'springs and shocks'. Essentially springs (coil or leaf), torsion bars and airbags are designed to hold and control the weight of the 4WD and are the true absorbers of shock. With-out springs you would not require shock absorbers (or dampeners) and you would feel every pebble on the road that the tyres came in contact with. Shock absorbers and struts or dampeners are really designed to arrest the bounce that occurs when the springs absorb the sudden movement of the wheels and tyres, thereby keeping the tyre in better contact with the road surface providing improved safety, handling and braking.

Then there are many other components consisting of arms and rods with bushes (to once again absorb harshness), shackles, u-bolts, bushes, strengthening brackets, lengthening brackets for swaybars and brake bias valves etc etc. and may or may not be needed for your suspension upgrade. We only list Ironman Suspension Kits on our site as their kit price is the same regardless of the spring rate in the kit. It is really best to talk to Ben, Matt or Peter at Redlands 4WD to obtain a suspension that suits your needs. We don't work with terms like 'heavy duty' or 'extra heavy duty' - we will ask alot of questions regarding the constant weight you have in addition to factory fitted items, as well as the occassional load and the use of the 4WD. We welcome and encourage you to contact us to discuss your suspension requirements.