EFS Suspension

Shock Absorbers

Shock absorber design hasn’t changed much over the last 50 years. One thing has changed, 4WD enthusiasts know what they want and they look for products that have been developed to suit Australian conditions. That’s why EFS shock absorbers have been rigorously tested in Australia. Don’t be misled, this product is purpose built, and designed right here.

The EFS Shock Absorber will ensure controlled and consistent dampening and is based on a large body twin tube, low pressure nitrogen gas design.

The experienced team at EFS have taken much care in designing and developing valve codes to ensure that the consumers expectations are met in all situations found when traversing the various road networks and remote areas of Australia. This is what makes EFS superior to many competitors.

1. Polyurethane bushes are used on all applications for positive location and increased longevity and resilience.
2. Multi-lip piston shaft seals are used on all applications to keep the containments out and retain gas pressure and hydraulic fluid.
3. Induction hardened, high quality chrome piston shaft of 15mm or 16mms ensures the strength, durability and rust resistance required to prevent damage to the shaft and guide seal.
4. Pressure tube/bore size of 35mm to 36mm offers optimum piston displacement for control in all environments.
5. The 50mm large body twin tube construction of the EFS shock absorber guarantees an expanded oil reservoir for better cooling due to the larger surface area.
6. Most EFS shock absorbers are pressurized with low pressure Nitrogen gas to prevent aeration and cavitation for more consistent dampening control.
7. Steel shrouds are used on all applications where space permits. Other locations are catered for with an optional polyurethane dust boot to deflect debris from piston shaft and guide seal.
8. Velocity sensitive piston adjusts to provide optimum control in all situations.
9. Variable temperature Hydraulic fluid is used to ensure consistent fluid viscosity at all temperature ranges.
10. Velocity sensitive compression valve for consistent fluid control on compression and rebound strokes.
11. To ensure the integrity of the shock absorber all EFS shocks are supplementary welded on all mountings where required for added strength.
12. Mechanical and hydraulic top out stops used on most applications. To prevent internal damage during extreme off-road work.

Coil Springs

EFS Coil Springs are manufactured in Australia under a strict quality control system with the use of BHP Spring steel in accordance with ISO-9002. This ensures you are purchasing a high quality product that is backed by a 3 year/100,000km warranty.
EFS Coil Springs are produced in a variety of raised heights, 30mm to 125mm & also a variety of spring rates to suit different applications – Towing, Load bearing accessories, Increased ride height & Competition.

All EFS Coil Springs are:

  • Shot Peened – To stress relieve the outer surface of the Coil, so the Coil can operate under higher fatigue & repeated load conditions to ensure longevity.
  • Scragged for Quality Control – This is a process where the Coil is compressed beyond its yield point; this compression will set-up residual stresses and increase the elastic limit of the spring.
  • Powder Coated – To resist corrosion & for aesthetics.


Leaf Springs

EFS Multi Leaf Springs are made from high quality Japanese grade SUP9 & SUP9A Alloyed Carbon spring steel. Designed as a comfort Leaf Spring that incorporates special features , to give the driver a comfortable ride on road & increased control off road with increased articulation & clearance. Available in 30mm to 80mm raised heights with a slight increase in spring rates over the original equipment.

  • Tapered Leaf Ends – To reduce the inter-leaf friction & to improve pressure distribution in the bearing area.
  • Bolt Clip Liners – To reduce noise & friction.
  • Inter-Leaf Graphite Coating – For further reduction of friction.
  • Shot Peened & Scragged Tested – To reduce stress & ensure longevity.
  • Leaf Inserts – For further reduction of friction.
  • Bolt Clips & Military Wraps – To prevent leaf spread & provide safety.

 leaf springs

Torsion Bars

The EFS Torsion Bar is increased in strength by 25% to 30% over the standard O.E Bar. Just as Coil Springs & Leaf Springs fatigue & sag so do Torsion Bars. The EFS Torsion Bar will provide you with increased handling & response from you vehicle & compensate for extra loads.

  • Pre Stressed – To ensure longevity & durability
  • Increased in Spring rate – To compensate for load bearing accessories
  • Made from High Carbon Alloy Steel (XK-5160)
  • Bars Feature – Machined Splines, Bar Peeled & Rolled to ensure strength & reliability.

Note: The ends of all EFS Torsion Bars are painted with a colour code, when fitting these Bars the following applies.

Green to front of vehicle, Blue to left & Red to right.

 torsion bars