TJM – Bull bars

TJM manufacture a wide range of Bull Bars that are carefully engineered to meet the needs of a variety of users. Attention to detail, refined features, quality of fit and finish, all add up to why TJM bars are the wise choice.



  • To minimize damage to the vehicle in the event of a collision with other vehicles or animals.
  •  To reduce the chance of the vehicle being immobilized as the result of a minor accident.
  • To provide mounting points for winch, driving lights and communication aerials.
  • To improve the appearance and value of the vehicle.


TJM T1 Bull bar

A night on the town, cruising the open road, or indulging in a little recreational rough stuff, the TJM T1 Bar is designed for today’s sophisticated vehicle, and is an ultra modern, classy and stylish bar which replaces the original bumper and always looks great.

* Available in alloy only, * Driving lights are optional

TJM T5 Bull Bar

These light weight bars are fitted with the original bumper retained and are ideal in situations where weight is an essential consideration. TJM offer either a traditional profile Cato or a modern tube style T5 bar depending on the vehicle make and model. Careful consideration is given to ensuring a style that will achieve form and function according to specific vehicle characteristics.

* Available in alloy and steel for some models, * Driving lights are optional.

 TJM T11 Bull Bar

Whether frequently travelling the outback or tackling a heavy mountain trail, this classic bar consists of a one piece channel that replaces the original bumper and is designed for increased protection to the very important under body components such as steering and suspension.

* Available in steel only, * Driving lights are optional.

TJM T13 Bull Bar

This traditional no nonsense bar is designed for the serious off roader, commercial and agricultural user, and consists of a tapered channel replacing the original bumper to enhance the approach and departure angles. The T13 Bar in most cases is engineered to allow for fitment of a select range of winches. The raised centre section, on most bars, allows for fitment of large diameter driving lights.

* Available in alloy and steel for some models, * Driving lights are optional.

 TJM T15 Bull Bar

The astute purchaser will not go past the stylish, rugged, versatile, no compromise TJM T15 Bar; it has it all. Replacement channel for improved approach and departure angles. Large diameter raised centre section to accommodate driving lights and engineered for installation of most low mount winches.

* Available in alloy and steel for some models, * Driving lights and winch are optional

TJM T16 Grill Guard

The T16 Grille Guard really adds style to your four wheel drive. It is manufactured from large diameter alloy tube and polished to a bright finish. Most T16 Grille Guards are designed to include auxiliary light mounting bars.

* Driving lights are optional.