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Redlands 4WD are an independent business specialising in 4x4 accessories and suspension. Since 1996, we have been customising 4x4 suspensions to suit individual customers' needs. Whether it be a tourer, tow vehicle, work ute, week-end warrior or hard core off-road, Redlands 4WD have the experience to set up your 4x4. 

As a distributor for EFS Suspension, Dobinsons, Rancho, Airbag Man, Superior Engineering, Tough Dog, Poly Air and Roadsafe, we can find the right combination for you. We welcome and encourage you to contact us to discuss your suspension requirements.


A 4WD suspension is made up of quite a number of components designed to insulate the vehicle cabin (and hence the occupants) from the harshness of the surface you are travelling on, whilst still providing feedback to the driver to enable the correct response in braking, steering and handling.

The two main components of any suspension are the 'springs and shocks'. Essentially springs (coil or leaf), torsion bars and airbags are designed to hold and control the weight of the 4WD and are the true absorbers of shock. Without springs, you would not require shock absorbers (or dampeners), and you would feel every pebble on the road that the tyres came in contact with. Shock absorbers and struts or dampeners are really designed to arrest the bounce that occurs when the springs absorb the sudden movement of the wheels and tyres, thereby keeping the tyre in better contact with the road surface and providing improved safety, handling and braking.

Then there are many other components consisting of arms and rods with bushes (once again to absorb harshness), shackles, u-bolts, bushes, strengthening brackets, lengthening brackets for swaybars and brake bias valves, etc. These may or may not be needed for your suspension upgrade. We only list Ironman suspension kits on our site as their kit price is the same regardless of the spring rate in the kit.  

It is really best to talk to Peter or Ben at Redlands 4WD to obtain a suspension that suits your needs. We don't work with terms like 'heavy duty' or 'extra heavy duty' - we will ask a lot of questions regarding the constant weight you have in addition to factory fitted items, as well as the occasional load and the use of the 4WD. We welcome and encourage you to contact us to discuss your suspension requirements.


About Airbag Man

Airbag Man are an Australian owned and operated company that specialise in air springs and have revolutionised the vehicle suspension industry. From trucks and buses to vans and 4WDs, they create air suspension kits for all kinds of vehicles. See our full applications list or contact us for help if you have a new design requirement.


Firestone Ride-Rite airbags are heavy duty airbags that fit between a vehicle’s chassis and the axle. These products are easy to install and adjust as needed for varying loads, and they offer improved handling and steering capabilities, decreased tyre wear and correct vehicle height. Whether you have a light truck, van, ute, 4WD, SUV, caravan or motorhome, the Ride-Rite airbags will provide the additional support you need for leaf suspension.

Coil Rite

Firestone Coil-Rite airbags fit into coil springs for additional support for front and rear coil springs. When you’re carrying an uneven or heavy load, Coil-Rite airbags will maintain the levels of the vehicle and maximise safety and stability. If you’re concerned with bottoming out and suspension fatigue, then Coil-Rite airbags are the answer. Each product is made from durable polyurethane for years of use, perfect for levelling up when towing heavy loads and vehicles like trailers, boats and caravans. 
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Shock Absorbers

We know that you’re searching for products that suit Australian conditions, and EFS shock absorbers fall under that category. They ensure consistent dampening and have been rigorously tested to meet all kinds of road networks throughout Australia. These shock absorbers offer the following benefits:
  • Sealed to keep contaminants out and maintain gas pressure
  • Chrome piston shaft to prevent damage
  • Pressure tube for control in all types of environments
  • Larger oil reservoir for increased cooling capabilities
  • More consistent dampening control and aeration prevention
  • Debris deflection with steel shrouds
  • Piston for optimum velocity control
  • Consistent viscosity and fluid control no matter the temperature 
  • Added strength with welded mountings
  • Mechanical and hydraulic top out stops to prevent damage from off-road work
Find out more about the shock absorbers made by EFS by visiting their website.

Coil Springs

EFS Coil Springs are manufactured in Australia in heights including 30mm to 125mm. These products are backed by a 3-year/100,000km warranty because they’re made to endure all kinds of applications, from towing and load bearing to increased height. Made with BHP Spring steel in accordance with ISO-9002, EFS coil springs relieve the outer surface of the coil to increase longevity under repeated load conditions. You can rest assured that they have been tested beyond their yield point to ensure the increase of their elastic limit. Additionally, they are powder coated for appearance and decreased corrosion. Find out more about EFS coil springs by visiting their website.

Leaf Springs

EFS Multi Leaf Springs were designed to give each driver a more comfortable and safe ride. They’re made from Japanese grade SUP9 & SUP9A alloyed carbon spring steel, and they are available in 30mm to 80mm raised heights with a slight increase in spring rates over the original equipment. Additionally, these leaf springs offer various features to reduce friction, noise, pressure and stress. Read more about EFS leaf springs by visiting their website

Torsion Bars

The EFS Torsion Bar provides 25% to 30% increased strength over standard bars. Whether you’re concerned with handling and response or durability and longevity, the EFS Torsion Bar provides all you could need. Its increased spring rate allows for load bearing accessories, and it’s made from high carbon alloy steel (XK-5160) for longevity. Find out more about EFS torsion bars by visiting their website

Find out more about Rancho’s high-quality suspension systems by visiting their website.

Rancho RS5000

Rancho RS5000 is made for each vehicle model to ensure a comfortable, responsive ride. They’re covered by a Limited Lifetime Warranty and are one of the most application-specific shocks in the industry.

Rancho RS9000XL Adjustable

Rancho RS9000XL Adjustable offers tuning for each vehicle with added strength and durability in any environment, from the highway to off-road applications. This product comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty and has a 9-position adjustment knob.

Rancho MT7000

Resilient and great for dissipating heat, Rancho MT7000 offers precise response for mainly off-road use. They feature a 46mm bore, monotube shock and clear coat finish. Available for specified applications only.
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